How to make Chrome OS recovery disk

By | September 25, 2014

Nobody with the PC should be able to recover it, and Operating Systems most probably fail and here Chrome OS is no exception. If you are having a Chromebook or have installed Chrome OS on your computer then it is very easy to make a Chrome OS recovery disk. Previously, you need to burn the image file into the CD/DVD to create the recovery disk, but Google has recently released the better tool which lets you make the recovery image not only on the Chrome OS, but on Windows too.

How to make Chrome OS recovery disk

  • First you need to download the recovery tool on to your Chromebook.
  • Now insert your flash drive or SD card (minimum 4 GB space) and open the Chromebook recovery utility app.
  • After launching the chromebook recovery utility app, click on “Get started” button to move to the next window and it brings you the “Identify your Chromebook” page. In some cases this application will automatically detects your chromebook and sometimes you need to do this manually.
    When the application fails to detect your PC, it means that your device is not in the database and in such case type the brand of Chromebook and this tool helps you finding the recovery image.
  • Select the Chromebook model you have and then hit “Continue” to move on to the next window.
  • The two step page involves selecting the USB flash drive to write to and select from the drop down list and then hit “Continue” to begin. It may take some time and be patient. After the process got finished you will have a failsafe for your PC.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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