Main Reasons behind Apple rejects app from App Store

By | September 2, 2014
Main Reasons behind Apple rejects App

Recently Apple published a report that unlocked some of the Reasons and Mystery behind the why it rejects the Apps from the App store, Earlier this month, Apple told Consumer News and business channels that its App store revenue figures for july were record settings. Distimo estimates that apples app revenue are about $870 million per month and that app store has 62 percent share of  the market.

The Apple App Store offers over 1.2 million different apps to choose from as of June 2014. So even knowing a little bit more information about how the App Store works can have huge consequences for app makers.

you might be surprised by how mundane its reasons are as below. Apple’s new common app rejection explains the top reasons why app were rejected at the end of August . Here are the reasons

Apple Crashes and bug are the main reason, developers are asked to check correctly before submitting App to Apple, Apple have to be approved to made it avail able in its App store. All the links in the apps must work properly. In case Apps with place holder content will not be approved by apple. Information should not be incomplete as all of the details required to review the developer’s app must be entered into the App Review Information section of iTunes Conne