Magnify BETA news reader : Best Windows phone news reader app


Windows Phone platform is getting more apps day by day as like for Android and iOS devices, but when come to the news reader apps Windows Phone doesn’t have the perfect news reader app like Flipboard or Pulse for Android. Now it has got the Magnify BETA news reader developed by SYM, and is the beautiful looking RSS news reader app.

On the left side of the app there are thin columns contains the names of the different sections and the tiles on the front of the columns shows the names of the news sources under that. Just tap on that source and you are taken to the stories covered by that section. To read the full story tap on the story title and an option is included to share the news via social networking sites. You can also save the news to read later.

You can navigate form one article to the other by just swiping the fingers across the screen. You can also pin the sources on the home screen and also you can resize the news sources files and can move them inside the app as well. This app integrates very smoothly with the Windows Phone User Interface.



  • Magnificently animated and beautiful UI.
  • Impressive live tiles and cycling images.
  • Search for the news using keywords.
  • Add custom feeds.
  • Read the complete article with no chaos.
  • Can read the news offline.
  • Pocket, Onenote and insta paper support.
  • Dark reading theme.
  • Swipe right and left to skip the news articles.
  • Video and Graphics Interface support.
  • Save the picture or articles on to your phone.
  • Zoom into the pictures.
  • Read the notifications on the lock screen.

Download magnify BETA news reader from Windows Phone Store.