Maestro email app demo showcased, shows off quick actions and more

By | August 25, 2014

Hidden Pineapple, the developers behind twitter client Rowi has released a new teaser website to show off what the company is working on next for Windows Phone few months back. Hidden Pineapple is the developer of upcoming Maestro email appĀ as well which is expected to revolutionize the emails.

Today, Maestro has posted a video update about the current status of the app along with the demo of the current version. Maestro has been facing some delays with the original beta version is intended for the July release. Maestro team member Ben Krogh has posted a video and you can check it below.

The initial announcement of Maestro has been originally announced back in June and it is been developing with an aim to create the better email experience on the Windows Phone. The app launches both the supports for Gmail and exchange.

Check the below images which are published on their new website, where we can clearly see the Outlook support. Emails are presented in the clean and the clutter free interface with the contacts profile photos. We are assuming that the threaded display is supported with the reply counters and everything just looks more modern when compared with native email applications. It looks like the app runs only on Windows 8.1 or higher version.


You can also register on their website on your interest and to be notified as to when the team are ready to share more details with you. We’ll keep your update on further details we come across, keep visiting this page.