Mac OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 recent Rumors and Release date


Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference has started on Monday, June 2nd. Number of rumors have been coming, some of which might be useful, and others, intimidate, Boston’s firms. There has been particular hype around the upcoming versions of Mac OS X 10.10 and iOS 8, Apple’s current mobile and desktop operating systems, and when we can expect them to be available for consumers.

iOS 8 rumorMac OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 latest rumors

Mac OS X 10.10

The new iOS 8 is claimed to be lite in comparison to the debut of OS X 10.10. Apple arranging to launch a new design that is targeted on merge its mobile and desktop platforms. Basically what that means is that the home screen of your Macbook will look almost similar to that of your current iPhone or iPad running iOS 7.

The new desktop OS is supposed to offer sharper window corners, new icons and a flatter UI. Hallmark OS X feature like multi-window multitasking, Mission Control and Finder will be as it is now, however, so power users need not fret just yet. It is also leaked that the company could be launching Siri voice recognition for Mac too this year which I guess is the biggest improvement in desktop computing.

Keeping in touch with Apple’s release last year that they would be removing the big cat names from their brand naming, the next generation of refurbished desktop software will likely be branded under the title OS X El Cap or may be OS X Yosemite.

iOS 8

Screenshots of the upcoming iOS 8 were leaked earlier this year of a brand new fitness and health app called Healthbook. With a Passbook-like UI, the app is leaked to be able to sleeping patterns, calorie intake, nutrition, track heart rate, pace and more. Where the data will come from, however – whether it is 3rd party app, Apple wearables devices or the most awaited iPhone 6 – Apple-savvy sources are nit pretty much sure. The health-targeted app will also offer an Emergency Card function, means users can store information about themselves, like blood type and list of medications, that could help you to save lives in the case of an emergency situation as well.

According to 9to5Mac, the feature could allow apps to interact more easily, allowing users to drag text, photo and video one app to another. Apple is also working on a new feature that lets people to connect their iPad to their Macbook for use as an external monitor to display the iPad contents.

New features coming with iOS 8

  • New Apple Healthbook with great UI and functionality.
  • Improved Apple Maps app introduced
  • Improved Siri with more voice commands, also embeds Shazam.
  • iTunes Radio with HD Audio quality claims lossless audio.
  • Drag, drop, preview and text edit.
  • Ability to connect easily with the Apple’s iWatch.
  • Multitasking with Split Screen app
  • Allows you to automatic update your apps depending on the time.
  • Game Center chopped from the iOS 8.

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