Lytro unveils a professional rig that captures VR videos



Camera maker company Lytro has launched a new professional rig called “Immerge” that captures VR video, which according to the company is “world’s first professional light field solution for cinematic VR.” Lytro is known for making some very interesting cameras that can capture the entire depth of the field.

The company is doing things differently, since the launch of its first light field photography camera three years ago. This company has been known for making some ground breaking imaging technology. They make cameras that allow you to select focal point of an image after capturing it, instead of deciding on the focal depth before capturing the image.

This new professional VR camera rig from Lytro comes with five rings of light field cameras and sensors for capturing the VR videos. The best feature of this camera rig is that it is collecting all the data from every direction at any given locations. This will allow VR user to look in all the directions like up and down or side by side while watching the video on VR headsets.

The VR video captured by the camera will be compatible with almost all the VR headsets like VR headset from Oculus, HTC and Sony. According to the company, full specification of the professional camera will be released in 2016. The device won’t come cheaply, but as this camera is made for professionals, they can afford the device.