Luna, the smart bed cover for good sound sleep!

By | January 28, 2015

We know we are living in a era where all the consumer durables are getting smarter and making our lives easier (lazier!!). There are many smart wearables available to track fitness, sleep etc., Now comes the smart bed cover Luna which not only tracks sleep and heartbeat but also adjusts temperature and room light according to ones preference.

The context of home setting has become a platform to launch various smart durables and many startups are coming up with different smart goods more often. Matteo Franceschetti has made it possible to add smartness and intelligence factor to a humble home-need, mattress cover called Luna.

luna smart bed cover

Luna has in-built sensors to detect heartbeat and breathing pattern, accelerometer to track sleep pattern and microphone to record snores. Through internet, the cover is connected with Android and iOS app to which it sends and records data. The apps then adjust the temperatures accordingly. The best part is, the cover is capable of maintaining different temperatures on the both sides of the bed for the partners who have different temperature preferences.


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The interesting features of the mattress cover do not end here. The sensing device can communicate with the speakers, light bulbs and the air vent of the house. It integrates with IFTTT service and controls other smart devices in the house like smart lock to automatically lock the door when the user hits the bed and communicates with coffee maker to turn it on. Its open source can enable it to access other smart home appliances at home through internet.

Luna has officially partnered with Lockitron, Beep and Emberlight and is working on full pledged to intergrate with Nest as well. The product has still not hit the markets but is available to be pre-ordered at $179 and is expected later this year. The product is also available in three sizes for different bed size users.

In this growing busy environment where sleepless nights are the order of the day, it has become very important than before to have a good sound sleep. There is more research to suggest that sound night sleep is predicated on high levels of comfort – a smart device, within the context of humble bed, can help achieve these goals.