Lumos UnPlug BackPack, Solar Mobile Charger!


We are into the second decade of the 21st century and technology seems like a fairy tale. Almost everything, which our ancestors could not even image 100 years back is possible now!

Most of the people who have a smartphone, do make most use of it. In a study last year, smartphones are more used for browsing and multimedia as compared to the traditional stuff of calling and texting. However, video playback and data browsing are 2 of the activities which need a lot of battery. The increase in instant messaging and mobile browsing has made sure that noone can use a mobile phone for the full day without charging.

The charging problem has been there since a long time, and that was one of the reason why companies came up with an idea of power bank. It made users to charge the power bank and use it with their mobile whenever they needed the same. However, that needs to be charged and once if you forget to charge your power back, it creates more issues.

How would you feel if you have a bag on your back, which turns into a mobile charger whenever you need that? Well, yeah, you got that right. A backpack with an integrated charger and you do not need to charge that as well.

Lumos UnPlug Design
Outer Design Lumos UnPlug

To address the problems related to mobile charging, a Bangalore based startup has come ahead with a bag which has Solar plates integrated. While you are traveling and walking in the day time, it automatically charges itself with the solar radiations and you can easily charge your mobile using the same.

This bag has a solar plate on the front, so when you are out exposed to the sun, your bag gets charged and the energy gets stored in a battery which is integrated and present inside. So whenever you feel the need to charge your phone or tablet, you can connect that to the power back with the help of the USB cable and it starts charging the device.

The design of the bag is pretty much out of the box, instead of the zip, they have given flap, which might just be there to support the silicon material which is there to store the energy from the solar radiations. Once you open the flap, you see quiet a lot of space and compartments to put in all of your stuff. The material is pretty flexible and you can easily put a 15.6 inch laptop into it. With a laptop, if you need to put in some more stuff, there is a lot of space to accommodate.

Lumos UnPlug Backpack spacing
Inside compartments in the backpack

The bag, however, also gets a USB cable and 6 connectors to give you an option to charge almost every mobile. We tried to keep the bag in sunlight for an hour and it charged the battery of MotoRola Moto G by around 30%, which is not a bad stuff considered that the energy comes without any cost and without any extra efforts.


The product seems to be pretty nice with a great design. It is fairly easy to handle, but it takes quiet a while to get charged. Overall, this is a decent product with affordable price tag.

I have used it for a couple of days now and I can say that it is working pretty well. Check the video below for a better understanding about the product!