Lumia phones Confirmed to be Branded Microsoft Lumia


Gone are the days of Nokia Lumia brand as the devices launched in this brand will be called Microsoft Lumia from now. However, the Nokia phone brand is not dead completely as Microsoft will be selling the current Nokia Lumia handsets and provide the required support to the users as well. Besides smartphones, Microsoft will sell the Nokia 130 feature phone as well.

Tuula Rytilä, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Phones at Microsoft claimed in an interview detailed the future of Lumia brand. She pointed that the re-branding is already underway with the former Nokia branded applications coming under the Microsoft umbrella. Also, the Nokia sites are in the process of transferring to Microsoft.

microsoft lumia

However, it is not clear on when the first Microsoft Lumia device will be unleashed, though it will be announced soon. Microsoft would probably come up with an announcement before Christmas, while there are also chances of an announcement at the CES in January or the MWC in February 2015 as that is when we can expect the first devices to be unleashed.

This move is not too surprising and it comes after achieving a record in Lumia sales and Microsoft managing to secure the third position in the smartphone operating system game for the Windows Phone platform.