Lumia 730 reveal on September 4 on the Microsoft IFA press event

By | August 12, 2014

The software giant Microsoft has  sent out “save the date” invites to the Microsoft IFA press event in  the Berlin, Germany on  the 4th September. In the invitation there could be a teaser in which the company could reveal its upcoming latest Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia 730 “selfie” smartphone in the event.


As you can observe, in the invitation the Microsoft has said that, “ready for more?” with the “o” in “more” shaped to look like a smartphone camera lens. The invite also states that “Join us for more face time“. Both of these statements would seem to tease something along the lines of the Lumia 730, which, as we have already had reported,  that the Lumia 730 will have a 5 megapixel front facing camera for better “selfie” images. This Smartphone might be have 1 GB of RAM and a 6.7 mega-pixel rear view camera is also available in the back panel of the device along with LED flash

And there might be a chance to launch the Lumia 830 also be announced, as both phones are slated for a similar time-frame for release. Stay tuned with us for more information on the specifics of Microsoft’s IFA press event, where the company will almost certainly reveal one or more upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 devices or something new about the future product of the Microsoft gallery.