Luma makes your home wireless setup easy



Setting up Wi-Fi in the house is pretty easy, but many times we find out that certain corner of the house doesn’t have the Wi-Fi signal. The business users solve this problem with multiple Wi-Fi access points, but this multiple access point idea is pretty new for home users.

Dr. Paul Judge and Mike Van Bruinisse have created a new device called “Luma”, which allow users to fill their entire home with strong Wi-Fi signal. In addition to this, it also gives users more control over their network. This device connects through some kind of surround sound methods that makes sure that there is no dead Wi-Fi spot in your home.

Setting of the network is also pretty easy. The pre-order of this router is currently available. One Luma costs $99, while three cost $249. You can place these routers throughout your entire home. Once you have placed the device at proper place, they connect to each other forming one single strong network.

This router also comes with a companion app, which gives you more control over the network. You can see which device is connected through the network and what these devices are doing. You’ll able to see everything the connected devices are doing like which sites they are visiting. It will show you which website users are visiting but it won’t show you the content. For example, you can see that the person is visiting Facebook, but you won’t see the message.

This router is also very useful for parents, as they can use this device to make sure the kids don’t visit inappropriate websites, you can lock certain people to view contents according to G, PG, PG-13 or R ratings. Luma device is going to be launched sometime next year and its shipment will start during spring. Currently, you can pre-order the device at the price of $99 for one, while $249 for three.