Loop Wallet app now avaliable for android


Loop Wallet app is the first mobile wallet application which is available on the Google play store , The aim of this application is by using your android device to make credit, debit, and gift cards payments at 90 percent of the retailers shop. This application is special one when compare to the other wallet applications. Other that this application every app requires an equipment at POS. For Loop Wallet app doesn’t require any special made equipment directly you can use in any locations which makes you easy and convenient.


This application Loop wallet works on Loop FOB so you can use all your debit cards, credit cards and gift cards and more in to secure memory of Loop FOB. And all the information which is stored in the Loop fob can be protected by using pin number and prevents the information from others not to access through smartphone.

How it works

  • The mobile wallet accessories allows users to pay for goods and services at local merchants with out relying on the newer near field communications or by using NFC technology making it compatible with more merchants
  • Loop wallet dongle send the credit information through wireless to the reader at merchant locations, Merchants do not need to upgrade to newer point of systems that comes with NFC technology.

How to use

  • In order to pay through loop your smartphone should be run on 4.2 Android Operating system and also user need to order the $39 dongle
  • Initially you need to get the application from the Google play store of your Android device, once you are done with downloading it will install automatically.
  • After installation app icon will appear on the screen, Click on it to open the app.
  • Loop wallet security stores all your payment cards.
  • Once your cards are loaded in to the app we can easily able to pay where you shop every day.
  • Even in this you can able to store many cards which includes credits and debit cards, Gift cards, Loyalty cards, lo gin and passwords etc.


  • Safe and secure which can be protected by unique password.
  • Fast and convenient

Click here to Download application