Look At Me: An App For Kids With Autism


Samsung has released an app called Look At Me, which has been made with a focus towards kids with Autism. Technology has lent a massive helping hand to educators around the world over the past few years. There are mobile apps and games in the market that are helping kids communicate and learn easily. There are virtual reality kits that are available, which can teach kids how to deal with different social environments.

Earlier, these tools where the bastion of independent developers and companies. However now, the big names are also starting to take notice. Samsung have just come up with an app called ‘Look At Me’, which can be used as a tool to help kids with autism in maintaining better eye contact.

look at me

This is a very good initiative on Samsung’s part. Autism disorders have remained very misunderstood and the number of cases are only increasing. Diagnoses and treatment is still very expensive for the average population.

Look At Me is now available on the Google Play Store. It was developed a team of doctors and professors from the Seoul National University Bandung Hospital and Yonsei University Department of Psychology. The app utilizes photos, facial recognition technology and a series of games which can help the kids in reading emotions and in communicating with other people. A clinical trial was done with around 20 kids for eight weeks. The results were pretty impressive, with around 60% of those kids showing marked improvement in making eye contact.