California-based Ooyala acquires Native for amount undisclosed

By | June 30, 2015

Ooyala, a video, analytics and advertising tech startup has acquired Nativ, a platform for cloud-based media logistics and workflow software and services. Terms and the financial agreement of the deal were not disclosed.


Nativ is the Santa Clara-based Ooyala’s second acquisition in the last nine months, after its acquisition of Europe’s top video ad tech provider Videoplaza last October. The acquisition comes at the important time for the industry, as the traditional systems for managing media workflow for on-air content delivery are undergoing major transformation. The important strategy of Ooyala is to provide the data-driven personalized TV and video platform that will power television. The Telstra subsidiary said Ooyala will gain from Nativ’s media software called MioEverywhere as it removes the cost and complexity of creating, managing and delivering content in the cloud.

Ooyola will be combining Nativ’s MioEverywhere to its personalized TV and video offerings. The technology of the company will now widen its services to video production digital content services, broadcast planning and media management for both OTT and on-air content. Top companies like ITV, Audi, Vubiquity, Dolby and the Financial Times (FT) use the Mio platform that automates many business critical processes in content production and packaging.

Jonathan Wilner, vice president of products and strategy for Ooyala said, “As a brand, I want to be able to keep track of whether I’m producing content for Snapchat Discover, Facebook, Twitter Amplify, my own owned-and-operated properties or for branded content.” He also added, “We can’t be stuck where all we are doing is repurposing completed TV content and have something that moves up-stack to the point of production.”

Adding the 30 employees of Nativ’s, Ooyala has 550 employees globally, with a particular strong presence in EMEA, given Videoplaza’s European roots and Nativ’s UK footprint. According to an IAB report issued Monday, $1.37 billion in ad spend is traded programmatically in the UK. Huge growth in forcasted by Wilner in UK as the people in the country are moving towards the over-the-top or IP-based TV. He also pointed out that UK broadcast powerhouses like British Sky Broadcasting and the BBC are distributing more video content digitally.

Jay Fulcher, president and chief executive officer for Ooyala said, “New data-driven technologies and services will transform the way broadcasters, media companies and brands operate in the era of multi-screen consumption. A transformation of this scale represents massive opportunity for the innovators that can drive new, future-proofed standards. Nativ’s Mio platform puts Ooyala even further at the forefront of providing a true end-to-end platform that can serve all video business needs end to end, from production through to monetisation.”

The Mio platform consists of a module for management of multiscreen ad campaign workflows, and a data management module that gives companies the ability to model, gather and manage data across their entire value chain.

Ooyala’s acquisition of Native comes less than a year after it was itself bought by Australian telecommunication company Telstra.