Logitech’s K480 Bluetooth keyboards connects Multi devices


Logitech is an Swiss global provider known for its personal computers, Tablets and accessories, company develop and market products like peripherals for computers which includes Keyboards, Mice, Track balls, Microphones, Game controllers, web cams and many.Now Logitech is releasing Bluetooth keyboard k480, this new device is a little bit different for rest keyboard where the user is possible to connect Multi devices maximum up to three different devices at a same time, regardless of computer platform.Logitech_K480

This new Logitech’s K480 Bluetooth keyboard is platform skeptic, as I said earlier by using this keyboard it is possible to connect to three different devices which runs on Android, Windows, iOS, Mac, Chrome OS at the same time. To switching between the devices you have to simple Toggle the key to the desired device what ever the Operating system may be.

In this Keyboard there is also an integrated slot that can house a Tablet and a Smartphone, This new type of Logitech keyboard is available in two color variants namely white as well as Black.

Logitech Initially this device set to launch later in United States and then in Europe for $50 in coming days. Stay tune for more details.