How to Lock and protect your whatapp data


All you now is famous instant messenger What app over 450 million users, There is a possibility of the installing this what app for the laptop also. This application is the leading market leader due to flexible and blazing performance. The features of what app includes messaging, Sharing images and videos, but there are several apps where what app lacks in lock system. This application does have any locking system to protect and save the data. This post guide you how to Lock and protect your whatapp data, Follow the Steps given below to lock the what app application.

How to lock Whatapp app on Android phone


  • Download the what app lock app for your device.
  • Once you are downloaded the Whatapp lock application set the four digit pin number as a password and conformed it on the next┬áthis password will be asked anybody try to access your data or chat using whatsapp lock.
  • On the next screen you will findthe option to enable or disable password for whatsapp.if you choose ON then password will be necessary to read whatsapp messages.
  • Finally it turn it no to see effect.
  • That’s it you are done with locking the Whatapps. This is the process how you need to lock the what app application with the help of lock application.