Locality Launches An App For Booking Massages On Demand

By | December 10, 2014

There are a lot of things that you can do with a mobile app like getting a cab on demand, groceries…you can get your lottery done on demand as well. And now, thanks to Locality, you can book a same-day massage on demand as well.


“MassageNow” is an app which has been designed just for this purpose. This app has been developed by a local services startup called Locality and it enables customers to book a massage appointment with just a few hours notice, and also frequently at a deep discount to what they would usually pay. MassageNow is a bit like Priceline for the massage market. You can’t pick the venue or even necessarily the type of massage — it’s all based on availability. You just have to hope you’re going to like the spa you’re booked at.

Locality has done a lot of work to ensure that only spas with four star ratings or above on Yelp get listed. All of the spas that get booked in the app have also been pre-vetted by someone on the Locality team.

If the launch of MassageNow goes well in San Francisco, the company will expand to more markets over time, and possibly even other countries.

Author: Saugaat

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