LiveIntent Raises $32.5 million to Widen its Email Ad Platform

By | June 18, 2015

On Wednesday, LiveIntent, the email advertising and marketing platform, has announced its securing $32.5 million in growth equity investment, led by private firm FTV Capital. Other investors who participated in the funding are Battery Ventures, First Round Capital and Shasta Ventures.


The LiveIntent platform has gained lot of popularity due to its innovative approach to enabling buying and selling of ads in email. It works in close association with more than 450 brands and 750 publishers to market to people effortlessly across any device using the most effective tool in marketing which is email. Through this platform more than 92 million anonymized unique users are reached per month, among whom half of them are on mobile. LiveIntent join hands with brands to enable a better way to market and advertise to people, not pixels. It does not send email, it only serves as platform.

LiveIntent founder and CEO Matt Keiser said, “In a world of fragmented attention, where the average American will soon own 5 devices, Liveintent is leading the way in targeting people.” He also added, “At LiveIntent, we are using the anonymized email address as a unique identifier to target individuals and measure campaign effectiveness across everything from the digital world of online shopping and browsing through to brick and mortar stores. The industry-wide shift away from dependency on cookies, led by Facebook, is a reflection of the direction marketing is headed – more targeted and thus more cost-effective. This is the promise of people-based marketing, the biggest change in advertising since digital. People-based marketing, simply put, allows marketing to serve messages and campaigns to the same individuals irrespective of browser or device.”

The New York-based startup has opened its first international office in London and says it doubled in size, revenue and reach in 2014. The company plans to use its new funds to develop its platform and APIs for wider integration with other marketing tech companies like Salesforce, an effort also announced in Wednesday. Further to the funding, FTV Capital partner Liron Gitig will join the LiveIntent board of directors.

Live Intent’s API let clients flight and manage campaigns across its platform from its primary ad server and the firm is also investing in native offerings. Apart from this, it is also focusing on global expansion in Europe, primarily in the UK following the opening the London office, a market the company considers to be digitally sophisticated and where it expects a smooth transition.

Keiser said, “We see ourselves as a platform like Facebook or Pandora.” He also added, “We know marketers are looking to reach customers in a device and attention fragmented world. Facebook, Criteo and AOL/Verizon are all leaning into this concept of reaching people across devices and across channels. You cannot log into Pandora without it, you cannot get a Uber, you can’t get Amazon, you can’t even sign up for Facebook or Slack which means your email address is tied to you as an individual.”

Thanks to the integrations with other marketing tools like Acxiom and, LiveIntent has become a full platform. The company’s revenue tripled from 2012 to 2013 and doubled the following year. The firm’s revenue retention from 2013 to 2014 was more than 99%, according to Keiser and headcount nearly doubled last year to 165.