Live Lock Screen Beta app lands officially for Windows Phone 8.1


If you own a Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone then here we have some exciting news you might like to hear, and the news is Live Lock Screen Beta app lands officially for Windows Phone 8.1 and it’s good to know that even entry-level smartphones running the latest Windows Phone 8.1 will be able to make use of the app to make the lock screen attractive any dynamic.


Joe Belfiore of Windows Phone on last Friday has posted a tweet inviting users of running Windows Phone 8.1 to get this beta app. The app offers users the choice of six different Live Lock Screen layouts (you can see the layouts in the images above), with new designs and layout for time, date and notifications changes as well in lock-screen animation.



Along with the app, there are few lockscreen wallpapers you can change (You can use customized wallpaper as well) throughout the day and also there is an option to use Bing images everyday. Couple of week ago, when the app was introduced at Microsoft’s Build event this year, it was suggested that only phones with 1GB of RAM or more will be able to get it. But, finally Microsoft revealed that Windows Phone 8.1 smartphones with 512 MB of RAM will also can get the app after some tweaks to the software were developed.

If you have already got the Live lock Screen on your phone, I’d like to know what you think of it, so do below in the specified section.

Download Live Lock Screen App BETA for Windows Phone 8.1