List my Apps : Android app review

By | April 22, 2014

List my Apps is the Android app which solves the very simple problems. All the Android users love to share the apps they are using with the others. When any of your friend ask about what all the apps you are using, you may have the list of more than 50 or 60 apps and listing them may be annoying. Here comes List my apps the solution for this problem which shows the complete list of apps with the links.

How it works


When you open the app it will show show the list of all the apps in your device and then you can use the drop down menu option to select what type of the list you want the app to print. Using this app checking the apps task becomes easier as you can choose them from

  • HTML list such as blog comments.
  • Plain text.
  • BBC code list for forums.
  • Market URL used for sharing directly through bar code scanner app.
  • Markdown list.
  • Any custom format, define your own format using template editor.

It is also useful in different scenarios like to comment on Google+ and Reddit. This app also lets you to share your recommendations on social networks. This app has also included the feature that you can trade your recommendations with other people recommendations. You can  also put your favorite apps on a list and can swap it with others list.

This is the very simple and little funny app, but this app is not required by everyone at every time. But it is helpful at the instances when some one ask you for what apps you were using.

To Download it Click Here.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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