List of free Online and Web based FTP clients

By | June 21, 2014

Most of the time, when you need to transfer files to your web hosting account or any other remote server, you might be at home on your laptop where you have got your favorite desktop FTP client installed. However, when you’re on the road or using a friend’s computer, a desktop FTP client may not be available.


The fastest solution for transferring files from anywhere in the world is by using an online FTP client. Using such clients, you can transfer images or files from a digital camera or memory stick to a remote server from any computer. Desktop FTP clients are more reliable than anything else but when you are on the go, you just can’t use desktop FTP. Suppose you have got some pics you want to upload on your website to, and you need to do it now. So go into a library or Internet cafe, connect to the web check your files of your website using these listed online and web based FTP clients.

List of free Online and Web based FTP clients

1. JavaFTP

A complete website based on java allows you to connect to the server with the FTP instead of HTTP. FTP provides faster speed and control of files over the HTTP, that is why we prefer to go for FTP rather than using HTTP. The most remarkable part of this client is java oriented that ensures that the file you are uploading is safe during the transfer that other web based clients do not provide such facilities.

2. Net2FTP

A decent and fast FTP Server provider with tons of tool to work with. Here you can both upload and download files, provides fully functional editor and explanative file details that helps you to find any error or misplaced files also you can check the file size of the complete website with ease.

3. Smooth FTP

The next online FTP tool that made the list is Smooth FTP. I basically like the interface of this tool though cannot edit files on the fly, but you can change the file permission and rename, and all of the functions like directory customization or file transfers are all handled by clicking on the menu options at the top of the site.

4. FTP Live

Next up is FTPLive, for the same reason Net2FTP made the list, because you get the extra functionality of editing the files on the go by clicking the edit icon under the “Operations” field.