List of Free Download Manager Software for Windows


Are you looking for the Download manager, it is a program that will automate the process and relieve the bandwidth usage and organize how files are being downloaded. In the market there are many Download manager software are avaliable you can get it from the internet. This article gives you the exact information about List of free download manager Software for the windows.

List of the Free Download Manager software For Windows


FlashGet is a Download Manger software which is going to make your life easily as you can download as many file you can do, A few years before these managers were a basic need for all download junkies. Internet connections were not as fast and reliable as they are now, so you needed a tool that could not only improve your speed but also allow you to pause, restart and resume downloads. The pros of this software is it increases download speed and Download multiple files simultaneousl, Monitors clipboard and web browser click here to Visit this Website.

Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager (IBM)  is a download manager that sorts out everything: files, images, YouTube videos… It’s perfect for optimizing your download speed and easily organizing your files.This IDM tool is a ideal to sownloas as faster speed, The software is very practical with more options. The pros of this software are downloading scheduling Also captures YouTube and MySpace TV videos which integrate  with almost all the browser the only drawback on this software is that the interface not a Good. Click here to visit the website.

 Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator is the internet Download Accelerator which claims to increase up to 300% and provide you with a whole host of other features to boost. The interface of this Download Accelerator Plus is ease to use and attractive. For easy usage this software is divided into three sections namely downloads, Internet and FTP browser.

As expected download area displays downloads, while the Internet area provides a mini-browser which will allow you to surf and download directly.When you click on a download link, you’ll see that a Download Accelerator Plus has been integrated into your browser as an add-on. A DAP window pops up where your Firefox or other browser window would normally appear and from there downloads automatically to the Download Accelerator Plus folder.

In the meantime, downloads are displayed in the Downloads area, so you can keep an eye on their status. In fact, you don’t even have to tell Download Accelerator Plus to download your items – just clicking on a downloadable link is enough for it to begin. It’s this seamless browser program integration that makes Download Accelerator Plus so easy to use, not to mention the fact that it’s noticeably faster than traditional downloading.

Obviously, a download manager like Download Accelerator Plus is aimed at more frequent downloaders. These users are also going to appreciate the program’s extensive range of configuration options, where you can toggle everything from post-download behavior to scheduled downloads and proxy server specifications.


uTorrent is the best application on the bit Torrent on the windows platform. If you are new to this uTorrent they are providing the guide for the beginners as well as intermediate candidates to learn about this uTorrent. If you got good usage of this uTorrent then we can also remote control this torrent with uTorrent Web UI. Click Here to download this uTorrent.


EagleGet is also Free Download Manager software for the windows, In this EagleGet Download they provided three options namely EagleGet Portable, Chrome Extension and an Integration Guide. It is all in One Free Download manager as it supports HTTP,HTTPS, FTP, MMS and RTSP protocal as well as popular online video websites. EagleGet Can be integrate to chrome, Internet explorer, FireFox, Opera and uses multi-threaded technology to boost downloads.