Line to offer on-demand delivery services


One of the most popular chat apps across the world, Japan based Line, has just launched itself into the world of on-demand delivery.

The pilot for this service is going to be in Thailand, which serves as one of the biggest markets for the app. Thailand was also the pilot region when Line had come up with its music and video streaming services. The new service has been named as Line Man and it will allow 30 million Line users in Thailand to use on-demand services in courier, food and grocery segment.

The Line Man service is started in Thailand in partnership with Lalamove, a logistic startup which will provide motorcycle staff to deliver the products. For now, Thailand is the target market and the company says that expansion to other countries will purely depend on the model’s success in the country.

Line has a userbase of over 218 million active users, however, majority of its users are from 4 countries namely Japan, Thailand, Taiwan and Indonesia. It has ventured into a few more services, which include an on-demand taxi service in Japan which has been operational since 2015. The company has been trying hard to become more than just a messaging app for the users and it is going to be interesting to see, how this can tackle the competition in the time to come.