Line gets into mobile gaming with $20M joint venture


Last few months have been full of ups and downs for Line. The company did experience a drop in revenue in the last quarter and that made the company to look for alternative options in the domain considered the best.

In a latest advancement, Japanese company Line has partnered with Korean company LongTu to create mobile games based on the Hong-Kong theme. The joint venture which will see the participation from Line along with LongTu is a 20 million dollar joint venture funded equally by both the companies at equal ownership.

line chat app

Line has been steady in the approach and operations. The chat app boasts of over 211 Million active worldwide users and the total figure of sales in Q2 2015 was an impressive $224. However, the company has seen a slight drop in the revenue over the last few quarters.

Monetizing chat apps has never been easy, however, Line has other concerns too. Over half of the users of the app are based in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. So establishing itself as a global giant will be a tough task for the company, however, strategic deals like this can surely give a boost to the user-base along with getting more opportunities in the outer markets.

Turning to mobile gaming is considered as a strategic move for line because the┬ácompany makes over half of the total revenue from social gaming platforms. However, it’s still a few quarters ahead when we get to see the initial results of this partnership, but for now, Line seems to have made an important and wise decision.