Limeade Acquires 9Slides for an Amount Undisclosed

By | June 19, 2015

On Thursday, Limeade, an award-winning employee engagement company announced its acquisition of 9Slides, a leading mobile multimedia learning solution.


Redmond-based startup 9Slides is a privately held company that delivers mobile technology for employees to watch video presentations, answer quizzes to test their knowledge and even create their own presentations to share. It also offers real-time analytics to employers on completion rates and comprehension.

While Limeade is an online employee wellness platform that has tools to keep employees focused and efficient. “We are creating an engaging experience that inspires people to improve health and well-being, while addressing the needs of HR leaders who want fun, simple solutions that work,” said Henry Albrecht, CEO of Limeade.

The two companies were no stranger to each other for they had known each other for some time. It all started as Limeade becoming a customer of 9slides, said its founder Ruchit Garg. “There is a lot of mutual respect for the way we both design around delightful user experiences,” said Garg. He also added, “It just makes sense to bring in the 9slides platform under Limeade to deliver a broader vision for happy, engaged and high-performing workforces.”


The financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed but the acquisition is expected to help Limeade to stay ahead in the competitive corporate wellness market. Albrecht said, “The 9Slides team has built game-changing technology that we know will delight our customers, and inspire employees to take control of their own health and well-being.” He also added, “We can’t wait until Limeade customers instantly earn points and rewards for learning and proving they learned everything critical to their and their company’s success.” Lesser than ten 9Slides employees will join Limeade, mostly in product roles.

The corporate well-being and workforce automation space is a huge field with massive potential for startups but has not received much of media attention so far. With the huge market and increasing debates around the future of workplace, more and more new concepts will be tested out at offices around the world. For startups in this field it is important to have a solid product and good networks and relationship with big companies to test their product. For instance, 9Slides worked couple of years to perfect their model and once popular and streamlined, it attracted more customers which also proved to be an exit strategy through one of its customers.