‘Likes’ drop alert from Facebook

By | March 9, 2015
Facebook likes reduce

Facebook is revising the way its counts Likes, the company announced on Thursday.

Facebook likes reduce

Thank God for the changes only apply to celebrity and business pages. Facebook  will no longer consider the likes from any accounts that have been deactivated or ‘memorialized’ after its owner passed. Facebook said the changes will offer businesses a clearer, more accurate idea of their Facebook audience, since neither of those groups are Facebook users.

It has to be noted that only accounts for profile that have been manually deactivated. Likes from the users who have not logged into Facebook for long or ‘inactive’ for a while will continue to count. Though the shift is not expected immediately, the company says it would not be long before its rolls out in coming weeks.

The number of Likes one may lose is not easy to say. While Facebook says to expect a “slight dip,” it’s all relative to how many Likes you have to begin with. If your page only has a few dozen likes, you might not even lose one; if it has a few million, that slight dip will feel a bit bigger.

Facebook also notes that if a user reactivate an account and Liked a particular Page, that action will be added back into the total like count.

The changes may prove beneficial for businesses with Facebook Pages. Many already pay attention to how many Likes they get as an indicator of popularity with users and a glimpse into the kind of Facebook audience they have.