LG to offer first free major update to its old Smart TV



LG, the Korean electronics giant has announced a new software updates for the Smart TV. The company will release a free software update to the first generation webOS operating system, which runs on 2014 smart TV line. Currently webOS 2.0 runs on the 2015 model of LG’s TV, but the company has said that it is the first TV maker that will give major software update to the users, who bought 2014 model of LG’s Smart TVs.

Now almost all major TV manufactures like Vizio, Samsung and some other offer smart functions like apps and some other features for new generations smart TVs, but they don’t give update to the latest software. Or even if they offer update the price to pay would be a heavy one.

But LG is giving old TV owners free upgrade to its new software, which means users don’t have to buy the new TV  or spend lots of money to enjoy the latest features of smart TVs. This is a very good move made by LG, which will give it the upper hand in TV market.

After this new update to the 2014 model TVs, users will get their favorite channels in the launcher, fast and better search option as well as quick settings. This new update also features better customization option along with instant input access and new software design.

The new software update of the smart TV will start rolling out from September 21st.