LG planning to launch smartphone with own Odin AP SoC


South Korean, electronics giant LG is the country’s second largest smartphone manufacturer and it is also into the manufacturing of other appliances like TVs, Smartphone display, microwaves and more. Similar to Samsung, LG also likes to dabble in everything and it looks like they are going to push things further soon. Almost all the LG smartphones are powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors and it seems like LG is ready to start using the company’s own Odin SoC (System on Chip).


According to the sources, LG is in plans of launching an Odin-powered smartphone with in this week. This handset is expected to carry the G3 name, might be a submodel of some kind. But, unfortunately it is still unknown whether LG is launching it globally or only in Korea. It is definitely interesting to see how the LG’s native Odin SoC performance compared to Exynos, Snapdragon and MediaTek processors.

This processor from LG has been rumored for long time and it looks like LG is finally ready to implement this chip in of its own handsets. This chip will be based on the ARM Cortex-5 architecture. It will support 1080p resolution full HD videos with the ARM big little processor configuration.

Currently Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Processors are leading in the market, especially in high-end smartphones. Another chip MediaTek is on the rise especially in the low and mid range smartphones. Another chip Exynos from Samsung are used by Samsung itself and it is selling this to the other manufacturers too. NVIDIA and Intel are also trying to find out their way onto the market. 2015 is going to the interesting year especially when it comes to SoC’s.