LG G3 started showing 1440p video quality option on YouTube

By | August 8, 2014


YouTube provides almost all sort of features that requires either to post a video or to watch them online. Now people used to watch most of the contents from their smartphone or tablet. YouTube even has started showing the YouTube video quality up to 1440 pixels (full HD quality) on website. As of now, any Android smartphone that has the latest version of the YouTube official app should be able to play a video and can select either 480p, 720p, or 1080p as a video playback option.

But the LG G3 has one special feature that other smartphone cannot get right now, you should start seeing 1440p show up as a possible selection if you want even higher quality video playback while watching your favorite videos through the official updated YouTube app.

LG-G3-video-quality-YouTube1440p video quality option on YouTube

As far as we know this is limited to the LG G3 at this moment. It does surely appear as an option for video playback, so we need to think about whether this feature will come to different devices that can help to increase the video playback quality in the coming few days. So don’t anticipate that the 1440p choice will come to devices that don’t have a display that supports that quality, as of now we are limited to only 1080 (Full HD quality). That is not to say that 1080p playback on different devices that do not support the 1440p looks bad, 1080p video is also good and I believe no need to get much excited to get 1440p, it still looks amazing if you play any 1080p video on any smartphone. But, yes, if you compare both 1080p with 1440p, you will sure see the difference.

If you own an LG G3, just open up YouTube app and test it for yourself, since you’ll have a device with a display that can support that video quality. If you see the option, than why not utilize it at whatever point it pops up. If you have never upset the playback quality in the Youtube application before getting to the selection of different options is basic, you simply tap on the feature after you hit play and the settings catch will show up, open up the popup that adds the different sets of video quality.