LG reveals full size rollable keyboard for smartphones and tablets



With new powerful and amazing software, smartphones and tablets are attracting more masses with their increase in usefulness. Of late, many prefer to work on smartphones and tablets rather than laptop and desktop. But typing on these devices have always been a problem, because accuracy and speed can’t be matched to the laptop’s keyboard. Now don’t worry folks, as LG has come up with a solution to this problem with LG Rolly Keyboard.

LG’s new Rolly Keyboard is a new full size wireless keyboard that is compatible with smartphones or tablets. This keyboard comes with a 17 mm key pitch, which according to LG is equivalent to usual keyboards with 18 mm key pitch. This device also features two arms, which can be folded to support two smartphones along with tablets up to ten inches of size.

This Rolly keyboard can connect to the smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth 3.0. It can connect to both the devices at the same time and features a button to switch between the devices. This keyboard also comes with a battery of its own.

The company is working on the plans to launch  more devices in near future. This LG Rolly Keyboard is expected to hit the U.S markets this September for a price unknown.