Lenovo Working on a Google Glass Competitor


The Chinese Smartphone brand Lenovo is Working on a Google Glass Competitor, according to the latest report. The Lenovo has said that, they are working on a Smart Glass which is very much similar to the Google Glass.

According to the report the Lenovo has two smart glasses, which is in production, the Mission Impossible-type M100 and the Google Glass-like C1. The device, C1, will have a 5-megapixel camera, and it able to support the voice recognition and gesture control, this device has near around 12 GB of internal storage. And the price of the new device and further details will be revealed in the month of October in this year 2014.


The report is also claimed that, the M100 uses Android 4.0.4 and it is empowered by a 1GHz dual-core processor. It will first go on sale to developers for 8,000 yuan ($1298) in August or September, but its ultimate target is the business market. From the report of PC World- The Lenovo is “also looking for ¬†some partners, which can help it develop products ranging from wireless routers to air purifiers for its home market of China.”

Chen Xudong, Senior Vice-President of Lenovo has said that “Right now there are too many devices you can develop for the Internet of Things. It is too rich. Not a single company can do it all,”. For more information, we have to wait for some time.