Lego to invest $150 million to make eco-friendly plastic bricks

By | July 6, 2015


As you must be familiar with iconic bright and colorful plastic bricks of Lego, which is not much Eco friendly as it is made of oil based ABS plastic, which is harmful to the planet. So Lego has decided to make Eco-friendly plastic bricks. For this the toy maker is paying $150 million to build a sustainable material centers to develop oil-free plastic, which is expected to open in 2016.

This plastic can be made from either recycled plastic or any organic material. This is still the beginning but company is planning to completely scrap the ABS plastic use till 2030. Lego makes 60 billion bricks per year, which is a stupendous amount. When this new Eco friendly bricks will be available in the market, it will cut three quarter of carbon dioxide emissions, which will definitely make a difference in protecting the planet.

The new sustainable, material center will be opened till 2016, where employee will start researching about some new kinds of Eco friendly materials. The bricks will be made of plastic itself, but that new plastic bricks will not be that much harmful. So this new investment from Lego group will certainly help in controlling the pollution.