Learn basics of coding from Minecraft

By | November 17, 2015


Microsoft has partnered with Code.org to teach basic computer programming by Minecraft. Code.org is a website that wants to make coding more accessible, so that more people can learn the computer science programming very easily. If you want your kids to learn coding, you better give them Minecraft.

With this new initiative, Minecraft hopes to bring more and more people to this game, which is already very popular among children. This new Minecraft is a part of third annual Hour of Code campaign of Code.org. This campaign of Code.org is an initiative to teach everyone basics of computer programming in just one hour.

This gives you opportunity to learn coding in a very fun way; this has been developed mainly for kids of 6 and above. But adults can also learn coding through this. If you have signed up for the free hour of the code Minecraft module program, you’ll be able to use blocks of codes to watch the results in real time with the help of your character Alex or Steve.

The students, who select this module from Minecraft, will have to go through 14 lessons offered by the module. The Minecraft module also offers some free time, if you want to practice what you have learned. You can use Minecraft module now, if you want.