Launch of Google’s Project Ara gets delayed

By | August 18, 2015

The projected Project Ara of Google, which will allow you to customize your phones with distinct and unique modules for camera, batteries, processors, storage space and many other components was originally planned to be launched this year in Peurto Rico, but now this launch has been delayed.

Google tweeted last week that they are busy in making stuff for Project Ara phones; they will not release the Ara phones in the Latin American country and more details about it will be revealed soon. The company today took to Twitter to reveal more about the delay. So if you were hoping to update your smartphone with Project Ara phones, then you need to stretch your wait for a little longer.

In a series of Tweet, Company said that it is looking for a new venue for the launch and they started tweeting using #yeswearelate. The reason behind the delay is not known, but the company tweeted that the reason behind the delay is more number of iterations than they thought.

Till now, this is the update we have about Project Ara of Google. There is also no clear news about date and venue of the launch of Project Ara. We will keep you updated once we got some more news about the Project Ara.