Latest Moto 360 leaked images shows secret charger

By | August 6, 2014


One of the as yet hidden stories of the upcoming Moto 360 Android Wear watch is how to charge this device. Well, new images that have allegedly leaked out in Italy reveal the watch without anything covering up its back, and hooked uo into that super secret charger. While there is nothing right now to indicate exactly what type of wireless charging might come with this device (FCC docs say it’s the Qi standard).

The charger is different from any of the smart watch that we’ve seen so far. It come to crib the Moto 360 with the watch face pointing outwards– so that you can see the notifications while its charging (see the images below) – with the power cable attached in round the back.


The images of the back of the watch also reveal what the actual one will likely look, and there are a few more informations than the ones we saw at last month’s Google I/O. Nothing out of the ordinary with things like “pedometer” and “water resistant IP67” or indeed that it is stainless steel. Check out the full gallery at the source link below.

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