Laser to help in finding contents of the planets

By | August 20, 2015



Researchers have developed a quantum cascade laser, which will help the scientists in discovering things of other planets easier. This new laser can cover a very wide range of infrared wavelengths, which can help in detecting chemicals pretty easy. This can be used by astronomers for determining the contents of surface of any planets without even touching it. This can play an important role for detecting samples, which can’t be reached or can’t be risked for breaking or nay type of damage.

It is not clear that laser can be used to detect contents of other planets, but it can also be used on earth to detect various things. This laser is portable as well as it works on the room temperature, which means that it can be used to find some explosive products from a distance. It can also be used for security purpose like it can be used for detecting car bomb even car is speeding. This laser is still not ready to be used practically and it is still not clear when this will be available for actions, but people from NASA, Naval Air Systems Command and Department of Homeland Security are confident that this product will be available for action quite sooner than later.