Kwikset launches an affordable smart lock by ditching keyboard


The lock maker Kwikset is a very familiar name in Lock business. Kevo Lock of the company costs $219, which is pretty expensive for normal people, who lock their doors with much cheaper and traditional lock system. Most of the people think the connected lock system is too pricey. So now company has launched a new affordable product in its Signature Series deadbolt family.

This new product from Kwikset is tentatively called Signature Series Deadbolt with Home Connect. This product will feature the Z-Wave or ZigBee wireless networking technology. According to the company, this specific model will come with Z-Wave radio.

The company said that user can use the smartphone, tablet or some other devices to check the current status of the lock. User can also lock and unlock the system with their Web-enabled devices. You will also receive notification whenever it is unlocked. For all this to happen, the deadbolt needs to be connected to the internet. This device will communicate through Z-wave networks like Wink Hub, VeraEdge or SmartThings.

This new lock system form Kwikset doesn’t come with numeric pad, which means that you’ll have to use your phone to unlock the door. The Signature Series Deadbolt with Home Connect comes with two designs: round and square. The price of this lock system is also bit less, as the device comes at the price of $150. This is a good news for people, who wanted to have the Kwikset lock, but didn’t buy due to price tag.