Kraftly, C2C marketplace by kartRocket helps local sellers go online


Arguably India’s first C2C marketplace, Karftly, launched by KartRocket helps the local sellers go online to sell the products which were largely available offline till now. The items include stuffs like art, home decor, interiors, apparel, fashion accessories, costume jewelry, food and beauty products.

Kraftly by kartRocket

“There are over $50 Mn homepreneurs, artisans and flea market sellers that currently have no avenue to sell online except for unorganized channels such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Further, a large number of consumers have no place to discover such eclectic products except in an offline setting. Kraftly wants to become the one-stop shop to cater to both these audiences.” said Saahil Goel, CEO of Kraftly.

Kraftly is in form of an app as of now which simplifies the process for the buyers as well as the sellers. It allows any seller to register and start a microsite in seconds without the hassle of much paperwork. Buyers, on the other hand can discover products based on recommendation or search. The technology, logistics as well as payments is handled by Kraftly, making the experience a seamless one for the buyers as well as the sellers.

Kraftly charges a total of 5% of the total transaction. The transaction is pretty transparent as the buyer can choose to send the money directly to sellers’ wallet, making the available items cheaper than they used to be. There is another positive point for the the sellers. Having kraftly app on mobile enables them to use their smartphone as a POS machine to accept payments using credit and debit cards from the walking customers.

“Our unique model allows us to represent the seller and create a venue for sellers to easily conduct business with convenience. We strongly support the small seller community and have planned several initiatives around the same in the coming year. Currently we have over 1500 category leaf nodes and over 6 lac products from 2000+ sellers for a buyer to choose from. We expect that in 6 months we will have over 5 Lac sellers on the platform and have close to 30-40 Lac SKUs” said Saahil Goel.

eCommerce industry in India is boosting. With a projection of over 15x in the next 5 years, costumers will start searching internet for the items which are only available offline as of now. At such point of time, Kraftly comes as an early adapter to try and make some difference in the market.