Kopy Windows Phone app : Exchange info on Phone, tablet and PC

By | June 2, 2014

Kopy Windows Phone app is the solution to copy the text from computer on to your phone and vice versa. What you need is just go to gokopy.com on your PC just paste your text on the browser and the text will be received on your phone in the Kopy app. You can signup directly from the Kopy app on Windows Phone and paste or copy some text in the text box and click on the Kopy button in the bottom of the app to send and you can now able to see the text when you go to the gokopy.com on your browser.

You can also create a temporary session and you don’t need to create or signup for an account. On the Kopy app on Windows Phone just swipe over to “connect to PC” and a QR scanner open up and now scan the QR code on the gokopy.com on your PC.



  • Copy the text share it through SMS or Email or through Kopy app.
  • You can exchange the info from Phone to PC or tablet and viceversa.
  • Choose to create an account or just an temporary session by just scanning the QR code.
  • Kopy browser extension is available and it integrates fully with your browser and offers the best experience.

Browser extension for Kopy is also available and provides the best experience. These extension is now available only for the Google Chrome and very soon it is going to be available for Firefox and Internet Explorer. After downloading extension select the  text on the browser, right click and then click on the Kopy in the options. Now the selected text goes automatically to your phone or tablet.

The other beautiful feature is voice command option, to use this just press and hold the search button and then say “Go  kopy new text” and after this what you say will appear on the screen.

No need to worry about the privacy, Kopy is very secured app. Finally, Kopy is the fast and reliable to exchange the info on Phone, Tablet and PC.

Download Kopy for Windows Phone.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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