Kopy : Universal Windows app for exchanging information

By | June 5, 2014

If you are searching  a faster way to copying the text from your phone to your PC or vise versa, than for this a solution is available – “Kopy“. It is a Universal Windows platform app which is available for Computer/Laptops, Tablets as well as for Smartphones.

While for using this app you will need to sign up for a Kopy account. You can also sign up directly from the Kopy app on Windows Phone (you can download it Windows Phone Store). To use them  you have to -Type or paste anything in the text box, then click the Kopy button at the bottom to send. You will see the text when you go to gokopy.com on your browser.


If you don’t want to sign up for an  the Kopy account and  swipe over to ‘connect to pc’s ’ on the Kopy app for Windows Phone. When you click ‘start a temporary session,’ a QR scanner will open up.  You can simply scan the code on gokopy.com from your system.

And for  the best experience, you can also install the Kopy browser extension, which currently only available for  the Chrome users, but it will be available in Internet Explorer and Firefox also. By the help of this extension, you can select a text on your browser, right-click, and then click Kopy. The text will go automatically to your phone.  The Kopy is also supports the Voice command- On your Windows Phone, press and hold the search button and then say, “GoKopy new text.” Whatever you say afterwards will appear inside the text box.

The Kopy app is available free to download in Windows Store and Windows Phone store.