Kinect for Windows can track finger movements


Microsoft’s latest Kinect Sensor has lot of things, but mistakenly accurate is not one of them. Microsoft’s research division has revealed that individual fingers can be tracked with Kinect for Windows. Redmond’s research division is showing off some recent advancements it has made with its handpose, which is the way to fully track the finger movement with its do all device in the variety of conditions. The research team is achieving progress on more advanced tracking features for Kinect and the team has detailed some progress in the video below.

The company calls this individual finger tracking fully articulated hand tracking. The video below shows off the $150 PC peripheral analyzing and capturing the convoluted finger and the hand movements seemingly very easily both from the close range and further back. In the below video you can find, the Kinect for Windows is able to analyze the movements of the entire hands and the solo fingers. The analysis works even when the users are further back from the device.

Changes in the lightning do not affect the devotion either, as the tracking is all performed by the Kinect’s depth sensor, not its camera. However, this looks something that will be used for applications outside of gaming, rather than the boost for your dance skills. If people were to use the Kinect with the non-gaming applications, higher level of accuracy would be necessary and it looks like the Kinect for Windows platform can offer that.