Kids can now design and print their own top with Autodesk’s Tinkerplay app

By | March 18, 2015

As 3D printing is becoming the order of the day, which enables one to print anything from prosthetics to pancakes, Audotesk has recently revealed an app to help kids create their own toy. The app called Tinkerplay helps all age group to design and print the toy with minimal assistance. The affordability of the 3D printers makes the Tinkerplay a great 3D model creation app and makes 3D creations easier than ever.



The Tinkerplay app allows one to choose from a wide range of 3D character templates like a scorpion or an alien. Apart from using the templates, the app allows the user to customize and create own 3D objects by putting together the templates to create an own character of different colors and texture. The app also allows to position the 3D creation in any posture the user wants to get an idea how the printed 3D creation will look like. All joints in the app are flexible and bendable like any toy and this also can give the user a better idea of how the end product will look like.

The mother company Autodesk is well-known for its flagship AutoCAD design software. It is an evolution of Autodesk-acquired Modio, an iPad app that worked with desktop 3D printers. The printer connected with the app processes the design and same color parts that can be put together for a ready-to-pose figurine.

The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows and is an addition to a growing list of 3D printing tools that encourage at-home experimentation. But it is also meant to encourage a more relevant generation kids who learn to swipe screens and meddle with gadgets before they can walk or talk.