KFC brings instant photo bucket creating nostalgic memories for canadians


KFC to launch a literal 'photo bucket'

Celebrating 60 years of serving happiness to its Canadian customers, KFC brings an amazing Bluetooth chicken bucket which allows you to print your chicken snugging memories which will stay with you for as many years you live.

Nostalgic feeling is the best feeling ever and KFC knows how to catch on the nerves of the people’s happiness. Of course it’s the best way of celebrating an anniversary and it also creates awareness among people that we live in a techy world where everything is bombarding.

Bringing a concept like Bluetooth chicken memories bucket is something that I never expected to be writing off but here it is and exceptionally amazing.

This photo bucket memory grants your smartphone or tablet to connect with their Bluetooth and just click on print and the pictures you have taken would be printed just like Lomo’instant camera.

The idea is to make a lot of memories and to remember KFC as a host of their perfect get together. This is not the only thing that KFC has come up with Bluetooth technology, two months ago for Germany chicken lovers they had come up with a paper thin disposable Bluetooth keyboard, which made it easier for customers to connect their smartphones with bluetooth keyboard and they could chat while eating.


Coming back to the photo bucket, the photos are printed through a tiny compartment situated at the plinth of the bucket. All you need is to connect your phone or tablet with the Bluetooth bucket and just give print and all your memories would be printed in to Polaroid style.

This is an unexpected innovation, which people could ever think of.