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By | December 9, 2014
Karnataka MobileOne Logo

December 08th 2014, a day which turned out to be historic for the people of Karnataka with the launch of MobileOne platform for the general public will be remembered for a long time to come. This was the day when the Karnataka people witnessed the president of India, Governor and Chief Minister of Karnataka to launch a first of its kind service for the general public, to help them utilize the services better and with a lot more ease.

Pranab Mukharjee, president of India at MobileOne launch

Karnataka MobileOne, a platform with over 4000 services, available over a mobile app and USSD lets the people use the government as well as a number of private services. Let’s head into a detailed study about the initiative and the service.

Mobile Governance in Karnataka

Since a bit of time, Karnataka has established itself as an IT hub across the globe. If the number of IT companies and the number of IT professionals is considered, Karnataka as a while sits just behind the Silicon Valley in the United States. However, studies predict that by the end of 2020, Karnataka will be a state with the most number of IT professionals, surpassing the Sillicon Valley to become officially the biggest attraction to the IT environment.

Karnataka has a population of around 64 million. Out of that, over 55 million people are connected via mobile services. Which gives a better chance to the government and IT companies to execute plans which are on mobile to make the people connect and converse with each other in a better way.

Karnataka was the second state in India to experience 4G internet connectivity over mobile phones in 2014. Even before that, Karnataka was the first state to experience 3G connectivity via a private carrier back in 2011 with Tata Docomo. Things like this do prove that Karnataka is a perfect place to implement the mobile strategies and the government did exactly the same to become the first ever government in the world to launch a service which will give have an easy access to all the government services.

Karnataka MobileOne – Services and Benefits

Karnataka Mobile One Services
At the launch of Karnataka MobileOne, Srivatsa Krishna, the secretary to the government for IT and Technology departments, told, it  is a free service which is available via an app, toll free number and USSD. Keeping the thought in mind that still, most of India’s population uses a basic feature phone, having the service on USSD was a big target. However, we have tried to make it as easy as possible and most, if not all, of the services are available on the USSD to those who do not have a smartphone or internet connectivity.

MobileOne is first of its kind initiative by the government of Karnataka. The initiative will surely help people save their precious time and it will give them an easy tool for a lot of the services. Let’s have a look at all the services which are available as a part of Karnataka MobileOne.

Karnataka MobileOne Services

Karnataka MobileOne Logo
Government to Citizens

The MobileOne app has services which come directly from the government to the citizens. Services like Bescom, Bangalore One and Sakala are available for the citizens. These apps can be used to find the status of a complaint, to pay various bills, lodge a complaint or to get more information about a new service launched by any of the above departments. You need not to go to a Bangalore One center to pay the electricity bill and the water bill, it is as easy as tapping your mobile phone a few times.

Along with the services mentioned above, there will be a lot more things like booking bus/train tickets, find the PNR status, cancel a ticket, find the status if an FIR, passport application, see the live view of any traffic signal in Bangalore etc. You can even file income tax returns using the mobile app.

Government to government

Services like field inspection and data collection are the ones which will help the internal system of the government. The information can be passed from a department to the other.

A practical approach of this service is when a citizen spots a pothole or garbage on a road, he/she can take a picture and submit a complaint. The team sitting in the department will take an action and they will get back to the person with an update on the same.

At the same time, if a complaint in a police station is to be registered, it can be done using the MobileOne app, the moment it reaches to your concerned police station, the authority will get back to you with an update and on the further instructions.

Sounds like another good thing, which if implemented, can boost the level of trust in citizens for the government and government officials.

Government to Businesses

Karnataka Government has a lot of services for the businesses, smaller or larger. This time, with the help of MobileOne, the services like KIADB (Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board), GIM, Karnataka Udyog MItra will be available anywhere, anytime to the people. There will not be a need to reach out to the offices of various organizations.

Government to Employees

Information on pension plans and firms will be available on the app along with the registration of a complaint or a new scheme related to the employees.

Value added services

Apart from the government services, there will be a few private services which will be made available to the public. Services like Ola Cab and Practo will come pre integrated with the app, using which, you can book a cab, appointment with a doctor and a lot more things with just a few taps on the mobile screen.

So these were the basic services which will be available to the general public. Along with the ones mentioned in this post, there are several other apps which are either announced or will be announced in the next few months. Let’s experience what the app can give up and tell us about your experience.