Journey Android app : Journal keeping app with Material Design

By | August 1, 2014

Google has recently unveiled its new design language, Material Design in the recently Google I/O event. The new Material Design is the replacement of the aging Holo design which was crafted back in the Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. Now it is the time to more and more Design apps started showing up, but Journey is not only the quantum paper like design which make app look appealing. If you don’t have the habit of writing journal, then it is a kind of app which get you into the habit.


Journey Android app allows you to build your autobiography and provides you the tools like text editor, calendar, atlas and photo gallery. These tools makes your journal entries more garnished presentations which not only conserve your thoughts in the beautiful written format, but they can even plot their ideas on the calendar, remember the location and are photo-rich. Calendar entries and photos sorts by date and the entries they are attached to and the Atlas sorts the posts by location.

Journey is also your best travel companion and you can attach your photos and write down your memories in the journey and store them in one place for the easy access. All the entries you made in the journey app are can be saved as PDFs, so that you can easily bach them outside the app and you can also include the music and set the reminders and more.

Journey app does all to make sure by syncing with the Google Drive, automatically tracks the weather, location, motion activities and supports the geo-tagging with the Google Places. It also features the options to set the passcode for locking your entries, preventing others from seeing it.

Journey app just came out from the beta status and is currently available on the Play Store for free and there are some premium service which should be purchased.

Download Journey from Google Play Store.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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