John Krafcik becomes the new CEO of Google’s self driving car project

By | September 15, 2015

Google Car

Google has been working on the self driving car project for quite a long time and the company is trying pretty hard to enter this market. Now the company is set to hire John Krafcik to be CEO of self driving car unit.

John Krafcik comes with 14 years of experience in Ford Motor Company. He also spent 10 years at Hyundai, where he was its CEO and president for 5 years. Recently, John Krafcik was working at TrueCar.

A representative from Google told The Wall Street Journal, “We’re feeling good about our progress, so now we’re investing in building out a team that can help us bring this technology to its full potential. John’s combination of technical expertise and auto-industry experience will be particularly valuable as we collaborate with many different partners to achieve our goal.”

John Krafcik posted series of tweets to confirm the news and his first tweet reads, “Yes, true: I’m joining the Google Self-Driving Car project in late September,”

Second tweet says, “This is a great opportunity to help Google develop the enormous potential of self-driving cars. I can’t wait to get started,”

His third tweet says, “Self-driving cars could save 1000s of lives, give people greater mobility & free us from things we find frustrating about driving today,”