Japanese train station sets camera to spot drunk people

By | August 17, 2015


In Japan, railway company JR West has found away to find the drunken people by using a surveillance camera. The company has installed 46 surveillance cameras at the Kyobashi Station, which will detect drunken people by looking into signs of drunkenness among people on platform. Those signs of drunkenness include sitting on the platform bench for long time or weaving across the platform. When the camera detects the drunken man, it will alert station attendant to check the individual, if he needs help or not. These cameras are not going to be used in identifying people.

Right now, these cameras are only installed at Kyobashi Station, which is near the main commercial and business district of Umenda. This is one of the busiest stations, because in the peak hour there are trains in every two minutes. Depending on the success of this camera, Japanese Railway Company JR West will take decision on whether they have to be installed at other stations or not in the near future.