Japanese Suidobashi robot and MegaBots robot to fight in giant robot combats

By | July 8, 2015

Are you a fan of Transformer movie? Then get ready for live giant robots fight as Japanese Suidobashi Heavy Industry Company has accepted the US rival MegaBots inc. challenge of giant robot fight. Kogoro Kurta, founder of Suidobashi has said, “Yeah, I’ll fight. Absolutely.” Kurta, who designed and built the 4 ton mechanical robot of Suidobashi also said: “We can’t let another country win this. Giant robots are Japanese culture.”


Japanese company has agreed to this fight on one condition that the fight will be hand to hand not with guns. Kurta, who has been in this business for almost three years and has even sold one for $1.35 million at one point, was taken aback by this offer as MegaBot has just completed its mega robot project.

On one side there will be robot from MegaBot and other side will have Suidobashi robot.

US MegaBot robot is a very large robot with 15 foot height and weighs 6 tons and comes with rusty finish design and rolls on a tank like track. It can hold up to two pilots and fires giant paintballs at the speed up to 100 mph. This robot is made for bringing the games and science fiction movie to real world.

On the other side there will be Suidobashi Heavy Industry manufactured robot, which stands 12 ft tall and weighs 4.5 tons. The size of this robot is less but don’t underestimate it as it comes with a giant BB gun and wheels instead of tank like tracks. It can hold only one pilot. Kurta created of this robot is very confident about winning this battle.
It is still unclear that when and where this battle will take place, most probably this fight will happen this year. As both robots needs a pilot to control, some security measures are required. Kurta, founder of Suidobashi Heavy Industry has said, “MegaBot will decide the date and venue of the fight.” So we can just wait and watch.