Japanese heart-Shaped phone Heart401AB may fail to win hearts


With Valentine’s day fast approaching one can find many many things that are heart shaped. Everyone would want to buy something may ¬†that is heart-shaped for their valentine which may range from pizzas to pillows to pen-drives. But for this Valentine’s day, you may even find a phone that is heart-shaped. A Japanese phone company has introduced Heart 401AB which looks attractive with its sexy shape.

Heart-shaped phone

The hard to swallow fact is the phone can make only phone calls. If you have raised your eyebrows or rubbing your eyes to read it again, you are not the only one. It is extremely surprising to find a phone, in the era of smartphone and smartwearables, without internet or text messaging option. This calls-only phone is expected to hit the Japanese market very soon and will rely PHS network which handles voice-calls only.

With reference to the usage of the phone, it has an app which allows the users to transfer contacts from smartphone. There is also a touch sensor which makes the body of the phone look more stylish and appealing. The phone can be twisted from heart-shaped to peanut-shaped while making a call. Another stylish element is its matching heart-shaped charger that comes along with it.

Expect for the shape you cannot find anything extraordinary about this phone. Its specifications of 128 x 36 dots display screen, a phonebook to store only 100 numbers and a support for hands-free takes one back to 1990s. The maker says the phone is not only easy to carry but also fits perfectly into the women’s palm. Also, the phone is available in two color variants – hot red and dark black.


This differently shaped phone is meant to complement smartphone rather than to replace it. This could be a ¬†perfect match for data-only on phones like Google’s Nexus which offers the traditional Japanese flip Keitai to handle voice calls. You may have to put up with the inconvenience of carrying two phones, if you want to have this heart shaped phone.

The cute and adorable looking heart-shaped phone Heart 401AB could win hearts of many if it had more interesting features of a smartphone. Hope the maker understands that look alone cannot make a phone interesting without some appealing specs.