ISO 4 million : Canon launches EOS ME20F-SH camera worth $30000

By | August 5, 2015

Canon has recently launched the ME20F-SH, a 35mm full frame camera with a maximum ISO of 4 million.

The all new ISO 4 million camera focuses on the wide range of markets, including night-time scrutiny, cinema, reality TV and wildlife documentaries. This camera is equipped with a positive-locking EF mount, it attributes Canon log along with wide DR for maximum recorded dynamic orbit. This amazing and highly impressive camera has been developed for many years; in fact a small glimpse of this sensor was introduced in the year 2013.

DSLRs are trending, the era of digital cameras has taken over by DSLRs. Today from the teenagers to the old age group, you can find DSLRs in the hands of many, because of its features and quality. We all know to get a perfect shot in DSLRs’ needs fine-tuning of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO, this camera surprises us with the magic of ISO that reaches up to 4 Million.

ISO quantifies the sensitivity of light in the camera. For example, If the place is very dark or has low lighting, you still can get a perfect shot by increasing the ISO. The only drawback is the picture would contain a lot of noises, and the quality is equally poor. We all know, higher the ISO, lower the image quality. But this new advanced DSLR gives Full HD (1080p) video quality shooting with a higher ISO setting. The most common DSLRs provide ISO 6400 to 25600, but Canon EOS ME20F-SH reaches up to 4 million i.e. 150 times more sensitive than other DSLR’s. Canon says “see the unseen” the well-suited tagline for this DSLR, which not only records the movies in full colour but also gives Full HD quality footage. It’s a boon for the film-makers that they don’t have to use infrared lighting to capture footage in black and white.

Though, It’s not a new innovation, already Nikon D4S pro DSLR and Sony’s low-light expert A7S had broken the record of bringing the best ISO quality ranging up to 409,600 but today they are way behind to compete with Canon EOS ME20F-SH.

Canon EOS ME20F-SH

This all new Canon camera embodies a milestone in digital capturing technology. This technology has compromised way too much to avail this level of sensitivity. It optimizes a full-frame sensor with massive pixels to capture the light as much as possible. This giant technology is of 1/10 resolution of a normal camera i.e. the EOS ME20F-SH pixels are 5.5 times bigger than the common full-frame cameras, which means EOS ME20F-SH camera can shoot Full HD video even in low-lighting, however it is not possible for photography.

Though the Canon EOS ME20F-SH camera is exceptionally impressive, only with its cost it gets little difficult. The cost is estimated around $30000 which is multiple times the cost of a regular DSLR. The excessive price tag reveals the exclusive technology used to adapt the EOS ME20F-SH with the astounding low-light capability. This camera is for shooting in dimly lit situation, or wildlife photography, deep-sea diving, caves etc. Canon says it can be installed in a site semi-permanently and operated remotely. The EOS ME20F-SH camera is a limited edition camera and those who are eager to buy, the queue is long until December 2015.

  • Kratos

    This article is horribly written. My son could write a better piece… and he’s been dead for 2000 years (Ares slaughtered him and my wife).

    This, I say as the God of War.

  • Troy Harris

    In looking for low light professional cameras, I wanted to see if there were higher resolution ultra low light color night vision cameras like the canon me 20f-SH but with higher resolution and infrared response, I came across the x27 color low light night vision model, this guy sees into the IR spectrum to 1200 Nm and has about 8 megapixel more resolution than the canon.

    The company making this camera is SPI Corp in Las Vegas, NV

    Glad to see this these type of cameras and technology getting more common In the market